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5583[ksurf] Wipika 8.5 for sale + long lines on XXXL

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  • speleopower@yahoo.com
    Oct 1, 1999
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      I've got another 8.5 Wipika for sale just came on this one. It is in
      good shape and is complete with everything you need. Kite, boom,
      30meters line, quick release. I'm asking $550 USD + your choice of
      shipping, insurance etc.
      This one has been tuned and flys great.
      Finally got to try out some longish lines on my XXXL. I used about
      200ft in about 8mph then the wind picked up to 12-13mph. I got my
      world rocked when it picked up. Lots of fun. The kite flys much
      better on longer lines in my opinion. Up to today I've only used about
      90feet-100ft(off of my XL). On launch it dragged me about 60ft across
      the sand. Good fun. Pretty good jumps waves were about 1-3feet.
      About twisted my ankle off during a crash.
      I will now recommend owners of a Quadrifoil XXXL to go with a long
      line set. I'm going to cut mine down to about 150feet because 200 is a
      bit to long.
      Pray for wind and pray that it does not come up while your flying your
      big guns.
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