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5571[ksurf] Re: Kite size / weight ratio

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  • srosso@bunge.com.br
    Oct 1, 1999
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      Dave - excellent theory but you speak of windspeed at the kite - When I
      (and most others) speak of windspeed this is measured at the beach at
      ground level - Which is the only practical place to measure it !!

      then you go out and the wind is probably 6 knots at altitude out on the
      water but who cares ! as far as we know its still 3 knots on the beach -
      and those windsurfers will be very impressed.

      I am not saying your theory is wrong - lets not go there - I am saying that
      when we kitesurfers speak of low wind planing limit - its most probably the
      wind on the beach at head level... depending on the beach the wind "at the
      kite" (as you said) can be anywhere to up to 3 times as much ! (2 knots vs
      6 knots)
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