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5569[ksurf] SV: Advice wanted on Naish Kite Sizes

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  • Helge Rasmussen
    Oct 1 5:58 AM
      I am from the west coast of Norway where the wind is suppose to be very strong at this time of year(above 20 knots). I started out buying a 5m2 then a 7m2 and have now just got a 9m2. What I am trying to say is that I would rather start at the top of the range working your way down. Specially taken under consideration that you are talking 12-22 knots. Your weight also suggests a larger kite.
      Verdict: go with the 9m2
      Have a great weekend

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      Subject: [ksurf] Advice wanted on Naish Kite Sizes

      > Hi there,
      > I am a beginner, and about to order my first Kite (Naish). I am quite
      > heavy (97kg or 214pounds) and want to sail in the broadest windrange
      > possible - but mainly in our Melbourne seabreezes which could be
      > anywhere between 12 and 22 knots.
      > I am a very experienced Sailboarder - and have a heap of windsurfing
      > high wind gear that I would probrably use in stronger wind.
      > I know that kitesurfing can be done in lighter winds than windsurfing -
      > but I am guessing that like Windsurfing, the fun starts above 15 knots?
      > Initially I thought this could be a lite(r) wind alternative, but I
      > know that once I get into it i'll be wanting to sail in stronger wind!
      > What I am trying to decide is - should I go the Naish 7m or the 9m? I
      > have read the recommended wind ranges for the kites - but is there
      > anyone who is a similar weight than can offer some advice? I will
      > probrably get a 195cm directional board. Also where I sail is by no
      > means surf - but it can get quite rough in the stronger seabreezes.
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