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5568[ksurf] Re: Kite size / weight ratio

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  • Mark Frasier
    Oct 1, 1999
      >There is always more wind higher up (using 45 m lines, I felt it all the
      >times) but I found them not very useful, especially when you have to
      >turn the kite upward after diving it down. This will make you fall if
      >you don't have enough wind below. One trick I always do in this
      >situation is to turn the board windward (to add more apparent wind) when
      >I start to turn the kite upward.

      Buggiers call that "scalloping". I can't seem to make that work ont he board
      - it seems to sink too fast. I think a lot of the trouble might be my lack
      of board handling skill.

      >A bigger board may help too. I have yet figured out the relationship
      >between board size and rider weight. There's definitely a correlation
      >between board volume and rider weight, but I am not so sure about the
      >correlation between board length, width and rider weight?

      Hmm...so do you think I should look for a board with a higher volume instead
      of a larger planing surface?

      Mark Frasier
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