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  • drsurfau
    Jun 1, 2002
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      And if you have a Mac just drag the url which ends in .wmv to your
      desktop or a folder, let it download then access it with Windows media
      player. Very simple.

      Have Fun, Dave (Dr Surf & Machelp) COM

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "theomnipotence" <johnny@t...> wrote:
      > > simple when in opens in windows media player goto File then
      > properties copy
      > > the link and paste it in your usual downloader such as get right or
      > flashget
      > > Ive got flashget and you can paste url straight in. and in this
      > case it was
      > > http://www.kitesite.co.il/3.wmv
      > > lol
      > > ROD
      > >
      > OR....To get the ovie url, You SHOULD be able to simply place the
      > mouse cursor over the link to the movie and then you should be able
      > to see the actual address to the movie in the little bar at the
      > bottom of your browser window(the one that prolly says "done" in it
      > right now and may say 'www.kitesite.co.il News' when you are at the
      > above named site...
      > OR, to get the movie url you could just look at the source code to
      > the page and see the actual URL's there, but since they have the
      > right click disabled at their site, I am guessing that they wouldn't
      > appreciate it very much of I publicly explained here how to get past
      > that, so I won't.....I'm sure you can figure that one out on your own
      > if you really wanted to.
      > Since they DO have the right click disabled, saving the actual videos
      > does pose a small problem to 'computer challenged' people unless you
      > can find the address/url of the movie you are trying to save. I
      > personally feel like that's kind of UNCOOL of them to do, Especially
      > since some of their movies are linked directly from the
      > www.tampabaykitesurf.com website(who does allow you to dload and save
      > their stuff), among others, and they don't give any credit to them or
      > the fact that they made the movies, not to mention that they are
      > actually stealing bandwidth from the TampaBay site and any other site
      > they link their videos from by linking to their movies as opposed to
      > dloading them and saving them to their own server and serving them
      > from there. BUT ANYWAY.....
      > Just get the URL for the movie you wish to own on your harddrive, and
      > either use a dload tool as described in the above post or just create
      > yourself a link on an html document with the url and then right click
      > your link(cuz SURELY you won't make your OWN link RIGHT CLICK PROOF)
      > and select 'Save Target As' from the menu...or some other creative
      > ways that you might dream up.
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