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52974Red Bull Sky Ride Tarifa 2002 Hang Time Results

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  • kiteskate
    May 1, 2002
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      Rough Translation of hang time report

      Hang Time in Spa with a Raise infernal 30/04/02

      Today a raise raises itself strong in every Tarifa. For those that
      they know the zone, was in Bolonia to sail in windsurfing for candle
      of 4.5. The raise is very gusty in the Two Seas and some as Flash
      Austin or Robby Naish they are put in the water to show that is
      almost impossible to sail there, too much gusty in this zone. The
      organization decides then to transfer the field of regatas to the
      zone of Spa, where a raise infernal blows very hit to the edge,
      perfect for a test of Hang Time, to see if himself bat the record of
      the world of almost 9 seconds of Sebastien Cattelan. The riders they
      leave 2 to 2 and they should be recorded in a list the ones that
      quieran to enter competition. Since early the leaps of Oru and Jaime
      they dazzle al I publish jumping far above the towers of the
      incredible, military zone. The comets that are mounted, with wind of
      35 knots and with tips of more than 40 knots were 10, 12 and some
      daredevil as Adam Koch mounts 14! But it notes it without doubt gave
      it Cattelan, who carried out a marks of 6,89 seconds. In girls who
      more jumped was Anke-Rarina Kirchner, that was 5,07 seconds, followed
      by Fiona Wedeing, local of Tarifa that was swims more and nothing
      less than 4,60 seconds flying. √Āngela Peral was armed of value and
      was done al water with its reduced weight, almost could not sail
      because left flying.

      Classifications: Men 1.- Sebastien Cattelan 6,89seg 2.- Adam Koch
      6,41seg 3.- Jaime Herraiz 6,32seg 4.- Luciano Gonzalez 6,31seg

      Women 1.- Anke-Rarina Kirchner 5,07seg 2.- Fiona Wedeing 4,60seg 3.-
      Rebecca Walters 4,44seg 4.- Andreya Wharry 4,08seg