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52958Re: Sport of the month[ksurf] Re: Poll Result: Do you think kites are too expensive?

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  • Suntrax
    May 1, 2002
      Hey Dave (Dr)

      Guess what! Our newest shipment of Naish kites has come down by about 6%,
      the manufacturers must be reading this group! ;-)

      Unfortunately it's only because our lousy exchange rate has improved, but
      this will make Andy at Kitehigh happier as it pushes up our export prices!

      Kitesurfing is alive and well in Capetown and everybody is complaining about
      the prices of kites and sunglasses and jetskis and televisions and
      windsurfers and motorcars and skateboards and and and and....... but MOSTLY

      Best Regards

      Brian Wilson
      Tel/fax 027 21 5560044
      cell; 0824656696

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      From: drsurfau [mailto:dave@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 2:24 PM
      To: kitesurf@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [ksurf] Re: Poll Result: Do you think kites are too expensive?

      Really Carlo, you are naive.

      Why don't you do a poll on whether people on this forum should get paid
      more in their jobs. Or one for lower taxes for kitesurfers, more
      kitesurf beach access or capital punishment for those that deliberately
      abuse kites :-) Pretty predictable results.

      Yes I'm one of those COM guys you seem to take exception to who
      doesn't, (strangely enough), make a fortune out of kitesurfing sales. I
      can tell you where you can make a lot of money though. Try surf
      clothing especially if you have the right brands, 100% markup; try Real
      Estate; property round my area has increased 100% in the past couple of
      years, (I'm glad I had some) but don't try computer sales, approx 10%
      markup, or kitesurf gear, relatively small market compared to just
      about anything else.

      If you feel so strongly about kite pricing Carlo perhaps you should
      hassle whoever is responsible for your exchange rate compared to the US
      dollar. Or start your own kite manufacturing business and find out how
      easy and inexpensive it is to make it big in the kite industry and sell
      LEI kites for half the normal price;-)

      But you are wasting your time whinging about pricing and kitesurf
      retailers in the same breath. I never stated that I believed that kite
      prices were OK. I live in a country where our dollar is about half that
      of the US dollar. I could whinge too as I buy a considerable amount of
      gear for myself. However it's far more productive to just earn some
      more money, (generally outside the kitesurf industry), by working
      harder, smarter or taking an extra job, (or creating one) than

      Get off it Carlo, global market forces control the the pricing and we
      few retailers don't control much of that. I try to give the best prices
      I can for my customers and give free extra service as well.

      BTW, I think you are located in South Africa, you have a kite
      manufacturer or two in your country, fly their kites, they are
      apparently well priced. Or if you want them to make LEI kites get on
      their case.

      Have fun, Dave (Dr Surf Australia) COM
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