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52953Re: Sport of the month[ksurf] Re: Poll Result: Do you think kites are too expensive?

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  • Henryk Majewski
    May 1, 2002
      I agree that this sport has slow down. I still insist the price is the main
      Very often I have people approaching me on my local beach and asking how
      much the gear costs.
      My answer A$3000 dollar gives them the shock. And obviously this is not a
      full story.
      You need more than one kite and you have to replace it between 1 and 2
      There is more and more gear on the secondhand market.
      What I here from my friends it is hard to sell kite gear.
      Kitesurfing is going the same path as windsurfing but I predict decline is
      going be faster.

      Kites are not a rocket science. Materials (excluding MACHs and X2s )
      are commonly used in several other industries. Tooling is not very
      They are built in countries where labour contents is relatively cheap.
      IMO there is no justification for such high prices.

      Henryk Majewski
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      too expensive?

      > Hi All.
      > I have an instinctive feeling that the kitesurf hysteria has died
      > down. Everyone was thinking we were going to take over the world and
      > become a mainstream sport. My feeling is that it has reached a
      > plateau and is coming off the boil. I have no real evidence to
      > support this, it's just a feeling.
      > I go into kitesurf shops and they have a bunch of inflatables and a
      > tiny stock of boards.
      > Newsagents have old, out-of-date kitesurf magazines, or no kitesurf
      > magazines at all.
      > What does everybody else think?
      > Greg
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