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52951Re: [ksurf] tieing lines

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  • Suntrax
    May 1, 2002
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      From: gregwalshau <Greg.Walsh@...>

      > Just a thought. Why do we need loops on the end of lines? Why not
      > just a lark's head with a knot to stop the end slipping through?

      Because when joining lines, any knot, including a fishermans, will cause
      fouling in the lines and a resultant loss of kite control, if the lines are
      twisted at the knot area after a relaunch or spin. Especialy if all 4 lines
      are joined in this way
      Safest and neatest is on page 3 at
      http://www.naishkites.com/pdf/aerouserguide.pdf. Even this could possibly
      foul, but the chances are reduced.

      Best Regards

      Brian Wilson
      Tel/fax 027 21 5560044
      cell; 0824656696
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