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52945RE: [ksurf] Re: Poll Result: Do you think kites are too expensive ?

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  • Carlo
    May 1, 2002
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      Hi Dave and all,

      I put the poll up on my site to get a different perspective on things. I
      know from statistics that there is very little COM's visiting my site. I
      wanted some answers from the people who use kites.

      I asked a question, and people answered the question. If you don't like the
      result, then you shouldn't be reading this thread, or if you don't like the
      fact that people can't afford kites then maybe you shouldn't be selling
      kites. I don't think it's the retailers that puts up the high prices, it's

      You can compare kites with yachts, and tv's and houses and cars. But the
      fact remains that kites are too expensive. And don't play the old COM card
      of you should get a better job or earn more money. Anything can be
      expensive. Even when you can afford it. Most people kitesurfing already have
      good jobs and earn good moeny, otherwise they wouldn't be kitesurfers right
      now. If an item is so expensive, that it is expensive to a portion of the
      market that has a high level of income, isn't it pretty obvious what is

      I will still buy kites, because I want to kitesurf. This question was posted
      to state the facts. It wasn't aimed at retailers, but maybe at some people
      who manufacture kites and read this list.

      It is posted in a positive note: wake up and smell the coffee. you will
      never be able to sell enough kites, cause most people can't afford the high
      prices. make them a little bit more affordable and you will be able to sell
      more, and people will buy more. If prices don't go down, the kiting industry
      will not collapse. It will just stay an elitist sport, and even less people
      will kitesurf than there are windsurfing.

      At the end of the day, the high prices will not affect the current consumers
      as much as it would the people in the kiting industry. It won't affect me as
      much when prices increases, but it would affect you dave, because you will
      sell even less kites. Less kites = less profit = less money = same
      overheads; which means companies will start closing down. start seeing the
      picture? So all these consumers you are ripping off with 'get a better job'
      will still be kiting when you are with your arse in the streets.

      I hope I didn't cause any sleepless nights to any COM's. hehe. Also Ari, it
      is good to see you get angry.


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      Subject: [ksurf] Re: Poll Result: Do you think kites are too expensive?

      Really Carlo, you are naive.

      Why don't you do a poll on whether people on this forum should get paid
      more in their jobs. Or one for lower taxes for kitesurfers, more
      kitesurf beach access or capital punishment for those that deliberately
      abuse kites :-) Pretty predictable results.

      Yes I'm one of those COM guys you seem to take exception to who
      doesn't, (strangely enough), make a fortune out of kitesurfing sales. I
      can tell you where you can make a lot of money though. Try surf
      clothing especially if you have the right brands, 100% markup; try Real
      Estate; property round my area has increased 100% in the past couple of
      years, (I'm glad I had some) but don't try computer sales, approx 10%
      markup, or kitesurf gear, relatively small market compared to just
      about anything else.

      If you feel so strongly about kite pricing Carlo perhaps you should
      hassle whoever is responsible for your exchange rate compared to the US
      dollar. Or start your own kite manufacturing business and find out how
      easy and inexpensive it is to make it big in the kite industry and sell
      LEI kites for half the normal price;-)

      But you are wasting your time whinging about pricing and kitesurf
      retailers in the same breath. I never stated that I believed that kite
      prices were OK. I live in a country where our dollar is about half that
      of the US dollar. I could whinge too as I buy a considerable amount of
      gear for myself. However it's far more productive to just earn some
      more money, (generally outside the kitesurf industry), by working
      harder, smarter or taking an extra job, (or creating one) than

      Get off it Carlo, global market forces control the the pricing and we
      few retailers don't control much of that. I try to give the best prices
      I can for my customers and give free extra service as well.

      BTW, I think you are located in South Africa, you have a kite
      manufacturer or two in your country, fly their kites, they are
      apparently well priced. Or if you want them to make LEI kites get on
      their case.

      Have fun, Dave (Dr Surf Australia) COM

      --- In kitesurf@y..., Carlo <carlo@k...> wrote:
      > Herewith results for the poll on www.kitesurf.co.za: Do you think kites
      > too expensive?
      > So far 65 votes has been registered. Seems like the majority (89%) thinks
      > kites are too expensive. Interesting, since the outcome is quite the
      > opposite to the (mostly COM orientated) response we had on this forum a
      > or so earlier...
      > Yes (86%)
      > No, I can afford it (4%)
      > It doesn't really matter what kites cost, I'll buy it anyway (9%)
      > Carlo
      > carlo@k...
      > http://www.kitesurf.co.za

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