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  • kitesurf@yahoogroups.com
    Apr 14, 2002
      For a comprehensive FAQ on kitesurfing read: http://members.attcanada.ca/~hungvu/faqs.htm

      Take a good read at this and search the groups past discussions for more information (www.egroups.com/messages/kitesurf). This way you will quickly learn the basic information about kitesurfing that you desire.

      To unsubscribe, send a message to kitesurf-unsubscribe@egroups.com


      Here are some basic recommendations for this list in terms of netiquette. These recommendations are here to make the list easier to use and read and to make mail sent more efficient. Also we try and keep the discussions interesting and want to avoid trash mail.

      1 No Spam - send mail to the list ONLY about kitesurfing or things related to Kites and Boards and Spots. Thats why people signed onto this. Definitely dont send us messages about viruses or other junk

      2 When Replying
      - do not copy the whole message you are replying reduce it with <snips> or just quote the relevant part (this is useful to reduce download times)
      - Reply only to the sender (not the whole list) if its something specific for that person (avoid sending a message of the type "I agree" to the whole list) NB. When you click reply, the message automatically goes to the whole list.

      3 Avoid making unconstructive comments about equipment - The equipment producers are on the list and they do not appreciate it - We try to keep it fair - the ground rule is that you can make as many positive comments as you like but we dont want to hear "that kite sucks". That is not considered constructive.

      4 Be helpful and constructive in your responses. Avoid sending a message to the whole list replying "I dont know"

      5 If you are a person involved in the Commerce of kitesurfing equipment , it is recommended that you add COM to the subject line of messages when commenting on equipment. Better yet, tell people what you do (Ex. Dealer of so and so kites)

      6 Files cannot be sent directly to the list - It is better to post them on the web (at egroups under files) or on a web page. We will do that for you if you wish.

      7 To unsubscribe send a message to kitesurf-unsubscribe@egroups.com or send it to me - the list owner. You can find my emails on the list webpage or write to kitesurf-owner@egroups.com. Avoid sending it to the whole list.

      8. Personal attacks should not be on the list. If you cant be nice and you have to insult someone then do it OFF the list.

      Welcome and good luck.
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