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  • peter_frank_dk
    Apr 1, 2002
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      You asked for replacements for you AR5's - and thats what I have
      tried to answer in the first posting below.

      But it should be said, that there are foils/ARC's as alternatives.

      Foils fly much faster, and develop momentarily much more power.
      This is the reason they are good in light winds - because you can
      sinus through lulls much more effective than even the biggest
      inflatable. But they turn relatively slow too, in the big sizes.
      They are lighter - because you are using all the kite area for lift.
      And IMO more fun to fly, in real light winds.
      Some foils have luffing problems, but others have found a good design
      to stop this. And no punctures either.
      In general, the hangtime is not as long as inflatables, even though
      the power-acceleration (take off for jump) is bigger for foils.

      Then we have the ARC, which is a combo of foils and inflatables.
      This one could be worth considering, if you want a very easy to fly,
      autozenith, stable, simple to maintain, no luffing, no punctures,
      fast inflated, and easy starting/landing type of kite.
      The performance is (I know ARC flyers will kill me for saying this..)
      slightly lower than inflatables - but if this small difference does
      not mean anything , then you get all the advantages mentioned above.

      Would add the alternatives - there are other really good kites
      besides inflatables (inflatables get punctures - damn !)

      :-) Peter Frank

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "peter_frank_dk" <pf@4...> wrote:
      > The reason you haven't narrowed it down, is because you can pick
      > brand, or even simply the color you like the best.
      > Yes - if you want flying characteristics like your old AR5's - then
      > you should choose a Naish Aero or Wipika Hydro, which are very much
      > alike your AR5's - they pull very steadily all the time, and are
      > easiest of all to relaunch, and fly very stable - and a lot of
      > wakeboarders/trick specialists use these kites today. The advantage
      > of the Aero and Hydro, compared to your AR5's - is they have much
      > bigger wind range.
      > But some of the other types you mention, are true full performance
      > kites, which are somewhat different to what you are used to.
      > They fly a lot faster, turn quick, and develop a lot of spontaneous
      > lift for jumping, and the upwind angle, and capability to depower
      > enourmous - compared to your AR5's.
      > They don't pop up from the water by itself, like you are used to.
      > They will easier tuck forward - luff and fall, than other kites.
      > The Wipika Airblast or Takoon Skoop are born with bridles - which
      > gives you a totally different non-muscle ride, if you like that -
      > they are equipped with fasteners so you can just fly without the
      > bridles if you want a setup like you are used to.
      > But regarding upwind performance they are quite superior because of
      > the AR (which requires bridles on the big ones, to relaunch
      > backwards).
      > The Airblast has the most extreme wind range of all, but not the
      > low end as other brands.
      > The Naish AR2, Airush Lift, Cabrinha black tip, Slingshot Fuel, F-
      > etc. - are all excellent high performance kites, and the bigger
      > should be possible to relaunch because of slightly lower AR.
      > The North Rhino is an extremely good compromise between handling /
      > realaunchability (lower AR) and performance, and very good quality.
      > You will not be able to find "one" kite that is better than the
      > If they are better at one thing, they are worse in other respects -
      > and vice versa.
      > But newer kites are a lot better than last years, and yesteryears
      > kites, regarding almost everything.
      > You might find one kite that YOU find is best for your needs - and
      > thats what matters !
      > Keep in mind - what is important for you ???
      > :-) Peter Frank
      > --- In kitesurf@y..., "flyingvetuk" <pliversage@h...> wrote:
      > > At present I fly naish ar5's and they are now starting to show
      > signs
      > > of the leading edge going( dotted line effect) so have decided
      > > they require replacement. The only problem is what with. I have
      > > followed all the threads for the last few months and in the end
      > still
      > > have not narrowed it down that much.
      > > Was initially thinking of changing to North Rhino, then the naish
      > Aero
      > > (main reason is that it appears that the aero has similar Ar to
      > > current kites), also considering the airush lifts and now that
      > naish
      > > is brining out the X2 that is a consideration as well.
      > > can anyone please give me a comparrison of the above kites (bhe
      > great
      > > if someone knows something about the x2 other than the techsheet
      > > posted on another forum)
      > > thanks in advance
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