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  • agraceafc
    Mar 31, 2002
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      Remove the leash!!!

      I have been following with interest the recent debates on Leash-less
      kites and thought I would add my some further topical information on
      the issue. Other forums have started to discuss if there is the need
      for a permanent safety leash systems and there has been some very
      good suggestions on the logical use of a Rider leash-less systems at.
      (http://star-board.com/kitediv02/forum/forum.asp) look up the posting
      on shackles.

      I noted Dwight first introduced this topic a few weeks back and got
      slammed for suggesting Leash-less riding but my suggestion is that
      blanked outright rejection of the suggestion is born out of ignorance
      rather than constructive thought on the matter. I propose the
      following circumstances where it is acceptable to use a leash-less
      system. Now before anyone decides to post back replies that this is
      irresponsible to suggest this because Newbies may be reading this, I
      would just like to point out that this site is a discussion forum and
      really the beginner to the sport should be subscribing to other web
      sites that are dedicated to learning the great sport of Kite Boarding
      and should read this in the context of discussion forum not a
      biblical commandment of Kite Boarding safety.

      Acceptable Leash-less practices:
      1)The Kite boarder is permanently Hooked in
      2)The Kite boarder is an Experienced rider (that is to say not a
      beginner learning the sport but someone that has logged over 500 kite
      3)A removable safely leash is used on Launching and Landing

      Assumptions: Most Kite problems that would require the activation of
      the safety Leash system occur on Launching and Landing situations. (

      Most riders that I have come across including myself in recent times
      use a permanently hooked in system, snap release system or similar.
      With this in mind the concept of a Safety leash becomes a redundant
      peace of equipment and even becomes dangerous in some cases once
      multiple spins are performed on a regular basis during jumps. I have
      experienced the leash wrapping around the middle leader lines and
      breaking rendering the whole de-power system useless in the past.

      Now if we go back into the history of why the Leash was developed it
      was to prevent the early 2 line kites from blowing down the beach,
      rider-less out of control. Two line kites were never flown
      permanently hooked-in, the case today is that many 4 line riders
      today are riding permanently hooked into their kite. The main point
      to note is that this sport is changing quickly and I believe we need
      to constantly access why we do a certain procedure, use particular
      equipment. Its my opinion that we have developed a double condom
      attitude to this sport in regards to the safety leash systems
      currently employed. Why are we hooking ourselves in TWICE when once
      is more that sufficient. At this point I will not go into detail of
      the system I use as most experience boarders reading this will have a
      fairly good idea of the system anyway. By riding free without a leash
      you will enjoy you Kite Boarding a great deal more and still be able
      to provide for safety situation on Launch and Landings but using a
      removable leash system. Romove that each condom from your

      cheers and goodwinds
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