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  • fmernukin_2000
    Mar 31, 2002
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      Thanks Gregg. In your experience with the kite, was it easier to
      backwards re-launch it by letting go of the bar totally or could it
      be accomplished by pulling on the middle strap? I couldn't seem to
      get enough pull on the middle strap to turn it over, but the New
      England water was cold so I didn't spend too much time with it.
      Thanks in advance.

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      > > gregg, didn't know you could use if for inflation. I was under
      > > impression it was to get the air out, not it. What is the basic
      > > procedure for inflation using velco patch on the trailing edge?
      > Lay out your kite as usual. Open the velcro and pull out the tube.
      > Use some sand to hold the hole open. Push the sides of the hole in
      > towards each other and either roll the tube back on itself or put a
      > little sand just inside the tube to keep it open.
      > While you unwind the lines the air will flow in through the hole
      > inflate the kite. You can get full inflation in this way.
      > Walk back checking the lines, pulleys and bridles. Close the
      > Launch your kite.
      > Preinflation is always a good thing especially if it takes no more
      > time to do. It also makes side launching the Warrior a lot easier.
      > Greg
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