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  • gregwalshau
    Mar 31 1:46 PM
      --- In kitesurf@y..., "fmernukin_2000" <fmernukin@e...> wrote:
      > gregg, didn't know you could use if for inflation. I was under the
      > impression it was to get the air out, not it. What is the basic
      > procedure for inflation using velco patch on the trailing edge?

      Lay out your kite as usual. Open the velcro and pull out the tube.
      Use some sand to hold the hole open. Push the sides of the hole in
      towards each other and either roll the tube back on itself or put a
      little sand just inside the tube to keep it open.

      While you unwind the lines the air will flow in through the hole and
      inflate the kite. You can get full inflation in this way.

      Walk back checking the lines, pulleys and bridles. Close the velcro.
      Launch your kite.

      Preinflation is always a good thing especially if it takes no more
      time to do. It also makes side launching the Warrior a lot easier.

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