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  • peter_frank_dk
    Mar 31, 2002
      The reason you haven't narrowed it down, is because you can pick the
      brand, or even simply the color you like the best.

      Yes - if you want flying characteristics like your old AR5's - then
      you should choose a Naish Aero or Wipika Hydro, which are very much
      alike your AR5's - they pull very steadily all the time, and are the
      easiest of all to relaunch, and fly very stable - and a lot of
      wakeboarders/trick specialists use these kites today. The advantage
      of the Aero and Hydro, compared to your AR5's - is they have much
      bigger wind range.

      But some of the other types you mention, are true full performance
      kites, which are somewhat different to what you are used to.

      They fly a lot faster, turn quick, and develop a lot of spontaneous
      lift for jumping, and the upwind angle, and capability to depower is
      enourmous - compared to your AR5's.
      They don't pop up from the water by itself, like you are used to.
      They will easier tuck forward - luff and fall, than other kites.

      The Wipika Airblast or Takoon Skoop are born with bridles - which
      gives you a totally different non-muscle ride, if you like that - and
      they are equipped with fasteners so you can just fly without the
      bridles if you want a setup like you are used to.
      But regarding upwind performance they are quite superior because of
      the AR (which requires bridles on the big ones, to relaunch
      The Airblast has the most extreme wind range of all, but not the same
      low end as other brands.

      The Naish AR2, Airush Lift, Cabrinha black tip, Slingshot Fuel, F-One
      etc. - are all excellent high performance kites, and the bigger ones
      should be possible to relaunch because of slightly lower AR.

      The North Rhino is an extremely good compromise between handling /
      realaunchability (lower AR) and performance, and very good quality.

      You will not be able to find "one" kite that is better than the rest.
      If they are better at one thing, they are worse in other respects -
      and vice versa.
      But newer kites are a lot better than last years, and yesteryears
      kites, regarding almost everything.

      You might find one kite that YOU find is best for your needs - and
      thats what matters !

      Keep in mind - what is important for you ???

      :-) Peter Frank

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "flyingvetuk" <pliversage@h...> wrote:
      > At present I fly naish ar5's and they are now starting to show
      > of the leading edge going( dotted line effect) so have decided that
      > they require replacement. The only problem is what with. I have
      > followed all the threads for the last few months and in the end
      > have not narrowed it down that much.
      > Was initially thinking of changing to North Rhino, then the naish
      > (main reason is that it appears that the aero has similar Ar to my
      > current kites), also considering the airush lifts and now that
      > is brining out the X2 that is a consideration as well.
      > can anyone please give me a comparrison of the above kites (bhe
      > if someone knows something about the x2 other than the techsheet
      > posted on another forum)
      > thanks in advance
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