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  • xtremebigair
    Feb 5, 2002
      All kites on the market right now are all good! Most of the kite
      companies have improved their lines of kites for the 2002 both in
      quality and performance. I really like the quality of construction
      on the F-One and Airush Kites. Other kite companies claimed to have
      the best or whatsoever, you as the customer will have to inspect and
      test out the kites yourself.

      My advice is to try out all the kites before you make your purchasing
      decision. If you are looking for performance, then make sure you
      test all sizes of the same manufacturers. Also, look at the complete
      accessories that come with the kite: Control bar, pump, accessories,

      Personally, I fly the F-One MACH1 kites right now because in
      California I can very much just use one kite MACH1 15.1 90% of the
      time because of its big wind range. And when the wind pick up more
      than 25kts, I fly the MACH1 12.1 and the MACH1 12.1 is 100% IDENTICAL
      in feeling, responsiveness, etc. as the MACH1 15.1. This is very
      important for me as I want to do the same tricks with 100% confident
      in higher wind. I am no longer scare of using the smaller kites in
      stronger wind because of the kite moves too fast or spending extra
      times to get adjusted to the different feeling/responsiveness of the
      two different sizes of the same brand. For example, last year I had
      to adjust my riding style every time I switched kites from the Wipika
      Airblast 11.8 down to Airblast 8.4 or from 8.4 down to 6.3.
      There is a big descrepancy in feeling/responsiveness/etc. within the
      Airblast kites.

      Now, I just fly the MACH1 kites and both the MACH1 15.1 and 12.1
      provide the identical feeling/responsiveness.

      Last weekend, I tested the F-One MACH1 18.1. The MACH1 18.1 is faster
      than the NORTH 22M. However, there is much different in speed between
      the MACH1 18.1 and 15.1. I tested MACH1 18.1 both in 27M and 20M
      line. I preferred the MACH1 18.1 with 20M and 3M leader line.

      I have tested the Airush Lift 9.4. I will be testing the Airush
      Lift 12M soon. Hope the information is helpful to you.


      --- In kitesurf@y..., "frankvedres" <fvedres@a...> wrote:
      > --- I have 2
      > > quivers of kites to choose from at the moment (North and F-One).
      > The Naish
      > > Aero is another kite I/
      > Hey Steve - sorry if you have already amswered my Q in a past post
      > but I was wondering which kite you prefer more between the f1 and
      > north ( 2 of 5 kites I am considering buying new quivers with --
      > is if someone would buy my arx's already)and why.
      > North is easier for me to purchase locally. Other kires I'm
      > considering are the Airush lift, and Slingshot fuel and liquid
      > ___.
      > Hey Kinsley- after you have had some time to test the 2, same Q for
      > you between your F1'a and Airush
      > Thanks to both of you for the continious good information
      > Frank
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