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47Re: [kitesurf] Correction

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  • Cory Roeseler
    Jul 2, 1998
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      From: Bruno Legaignoux <wipika@...>
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      Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998 4:36 PM
      Subject: Re: [kitesurf] Correction

      Cory Roeseler wrote:
       The Results of the '95 Extreme Games, the only competition thus far where Kiteski and Wipika competed on the same surf:
      Note: Kiteski placed 1st through 5th in '95 Worlds, '96 Worlds and 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th in '97 Worlds.

      Thank you Cory.
      What means Surf ?

      "Surf" has many meanings (waves, wave riding...).  Here I use it to describe the playing field or arena.

      What means Worlds ?

      Kiteski/kiteboard/kitesurf World Championships

      How many racers ?

      How many Kiteskiers ?

      12 entered the '95 Ex Games (10 Kiteskiers) 

      7entered the '95 Worlds (7 Kiteskiers)

      5 entered the '96 Worlds (5 Kiteskiers)

      8 entered the '97 Worlds (7 Kiteskiers)

      Note: Top Wipika sailors were invited to all these events.  One entered.

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