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46948Re: Q for Steve and Kinsley

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  • frankvedres
    Feb 2, 2002
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      Have fun out
      > there!
      > -Aaron Foster

      Youve got a point Aaron
      It seems like more people are recommending Rhinos than anything else
      but I've heard a few guys say that the bigger Rhinos are too slow. I
      just got an email from someone else saying that the Lifts are too
      fast and that an expert kiter couldnt handle the speed. I cant really
      imagine that. I really havent flown anything besides arx's and I
      love the speed of my 7.5- even when I'm overpowered I love how fast
      it is and dont mind having to be on top of my kite control. Since
      (unfortunately) my most used kite here in LA is my 15.5, I want a
      fast big kite. Do other kiters agree that the bigger Rhinos are slow
      and that similar sized competitor kites (airush, wipika, slingshot,
      etc) in bigger sizes are faster?
      > --- In kitesurf@y..., "sactear" <arf@g...> wrote:
      > Hey Frank,
      > It sounds like you plan on getting all your kites from one brand.
      > Sometimes one size of one brand works well while the next size
      > up and down of different brands work better (like the old Wipikas
      > - the 6.5 and 5.0 were real good but the 11m and 8.5 were not). I
      > know the winds you ride in and I suggest you get whatever kites
      > you like, but make sure you get the Airush 9.4 as well - it is the
      > perfect size for Leo Carillo and C-street. I have been using the
      > 9.4 for a while now and all I can say is the 9.4Lift SMOKES! It
      > flies perfect on a 45cm bar and jumps SO HIGH! And it shows
      > no signs of seam fatigue or delamming. Let me know when you
      > are going to be in my area so you check the 9.4 out.--- In
      kitesurf@y..., "frankvedres" <fvedres@a...> wrote:
      > > --- I have 2
      > > > quivers of kites to choose from at the moment (North and F-
      > One).
      > > The Naish
      > > > Aero is another kite I/
      > >
      > > Hey Steve - sorry if you have already amswered my Q in a past
      > post
      > > but I was wondering which kite you prefer more between the f1
      > and
      > > north ( 2 of 5 kites I am considering buying new quivers with --
      > that
      > > is if someone would buy my arx's already)and why.
      > >
      > > North is easier for me to purchase locally. Other kires I'm
      > > considering are the Airush lift, and Slingshot fuel and liquid
      > force.
      > > ___.
      > >
      > > Hey Kinsley- after you have had some time to test the 2, same
      > Q for
      > > you between your F1'a and Airush
      > >
      > > Thanks to both of you for the continious good information
      > > Frank
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