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46924[ksurf] Re: Ripped kites / Warranty

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  • gregwalshau
    Feb 1, 2002
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      --- In kitesurf@y..., "Kitepower" <kitepower@b...> wrote:


      > I was really surprised you wore out that 9,000,000lb spectra rope
      on the PL
      > bar without noticing it was getting seriously frayed. We recommend
      > dip that stuff in melted CANDLE wax before they use it.


      I don't really know what happened to the chicken loop. It all just
      disappeared. There was no remnant left on the front lines when I
      retrieved everything. Either the leader snapped right at the knot or
      the knot came undone. The kite had been kitesurfed twice and flown on
      the beach half a dozen times. There was no significant wear on

      If I was inclined to be bullish I could have ranted about the crappy
      knots and line and I was just riding along and minding my own
      business and none of my other kites have done this and the whole
      bluddy tip came off and and what sort of crap products are you making
      and unfit for the intended purpose blah blah blah (as I have done

      In fact, it was in 30 knots and you have to be a little philosophical
      about things being damaged in those sorts of winds, and the cost of
      the repair includes adding flares and reinforcing the tips and
      shipping and stuff and PL started from a position of trying to help
      so there was no reason for anyone to get upset.

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