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46913Re: Ripped kites / Warranty

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  • olehlie
    Feb 1, 2002
      Thanks for all the reply guys. To clarify the matter a little more:

      I am aware that existing tears may cause the kite to rip. The first
      total rupture may well have been caused by some existing tear that
      went unnoticed as I at the time was not paying particular attention
      to the kite before takeoff.
      After the first rip however, I was made aware of this and I now
      regularly look over the kite before takeoff to check for small nicks.
      Some of the kites did have small pinholes and tears but I always
      patch these up before flying again.
      Two of the damaged kites had 1 foot tears repaired previously
      (misjudging of line length and landing the kite in a tree/umbrella
      respectively) but these were in a different panel to the catastrophic

      My theory is that the fabric is weakened by exposure to sun/salt and
      that at some stage the strain on one particualar part of the seam
      gets to high. Once the cloth starts ripping, nothing will stop it
      until the rip takes out the whole panel or hits some padding or other
      It may also be that undetected pinholes are the nucleus of the tear
      but I really have been paying attention to the state of the kites
      before takeoff with respect to my previous experiences.
      Funny thing is that the tears only seem to happen with my own kites.
      I've borrowed lots of other peoples kites and exposed them to my
      usual 'abuse' without having them rip.


      Ole, Norway

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "olehlie" <olelie@s...> wrote:
      > I recently ripped my fourth kite LE to TE and some more. Three Wipi
      > AB'sts and one ARX.
      > Two ripped when hitting the water LE first (not all that hard, last
      > 4m on tight lines) and two ripped while in mid-air. Some of the
      > have had some minor cuts (repaired ones) in other panels before the
      > total rupture.
      > Working on warranty claims now but neither Wipi nor Naish seem to
      > very cooperative with my claims. Anyone else with similar
      > experiences ?
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