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46892Re: Ripped kites / Warranty

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  • terminalveloce
    Feb 1, 2002
      My two cents, as I'm still at work well past beer o'clock...

      I've experienced 3 major structural failures in kites. I was a
      little disappointed in the kites at the time, but in hindsight all
      were initiated by smaller failures - the most spectacular was tearing
      a foil in half while I was 15ft off the deck. Post faceplant
      analysis was that part of the secondary bridles had let go (I
      actually heard a pop before the tear) at a knot, and overstressed the
      seams and remaining bridle. Not what I'd call a manufacturing fault -
      the kite was old, so more like my fault for not rebridling my foils
      when they're looking shagged. I could've argued that they should've
      used 700lb bridles, sewn them instead of knotted them etc. but the
      end result would be an expensive pig, and I'd be laughed out of town
      (that happens often enough anyway...;-)

      The other side of this was when I loaned a nice new(ish) 10ft Flexi
      to a bloke who claimed to be competent and wanted to try one before
      buying. He went out and belted snot out of it for a couple of hours -
      12 o'clock to 6 o'clock nose first, everything you can think of, and
      the kite still looked OKish. Lots of nicks and cuts in the LE, split
      spar, and eventually a popped cell, but it stood up to a unbelievable
      thrashing ("but it just kept flying into the ground" was his
      excuse). He did end up buying a lot of kites though.

      I'm with Steve on this one - if the kite survives the first 10 hours
      in the air without showing signs of fabric distress (where seams have
      been sewn badly, or defects in the fabric) or zipped/fraying
      stitching it's probably OK. It's a grey area, but if you bought a
      car that had a defective valve in one of the front tyres, drove it
      for a week never checking your tyres, then went out and ran into a
      tree because you hadn't noticed the tyre was now flat who's fault is
      it (actually, litigation conscious Americans need not answer that ;-

      Please let there be wind tomorrow. This is soooooo dull...

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "Kitepower" <kitepower@b...> wrote:
      > I am sympathetic in that it is awful to watch your kites ripping
      and not
      > being able to do a thing to stop it!!!
      > When you say your kites just ripped in the air, it tells me that
      there was
      > some existing damage that was poorly repaired or was undetected by
      you. This
      > type of damage is not covered by any kite manufacturers I know of.
      > Also when you state they ripped in crashes on the water, it also
      > there may have been existing damage, and some peoples
      interpretation of "not
      > very hard" is amazing!
      > The good news is that they are simple repairs and will not affect
      the life
      > of your kite if properly repaired.
      > Kites are not designed to crash, they are designed to fly, like
      aircraft you
      > don't get a warranty that includes damage from crashing.
      > Manufacturers are always looking for ways to make kites more
      durable, but
      > there is a cutoff point, in that if the kite gets over a certain
      weight per
      > M it will be a flying pig.
      > How do you think you are getting the small cuts in the sail that
      are causing
      > your problems?
      > Cya and
      > Goodwinds
      > Steve McCormack
      > http://www.kitepower.com.au
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      > 126 Beach St, Coogee, Sydney, Australia 2034
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      > Subject: [ksurf] Ripped kites / Warranty
      > I recently ripped my fourth kite LE to TE and some more. Three Wipi
      > AB'sts and one ARX.
      > Two ripped when hitting the water LE first (not all that hard, last
      > 4m on tight lines) and two ripped while in mid-air. Some of the
      > have had some minor cuts (repaired ones) in other panels before the
      > total rupture.
      > Working on warranty claims now but neither Wipi nor Naish seem to be
      > very cooperative with my claims. Anyone else with similar
      > experiences ?
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