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41654Re: [ksurf] 2002 Airblast 10.0 kite review

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  • Stefano Rosso
    Nov 5, 2001
      > G'Day Steffano,
      > I found the kite to deliver smooth power, the kite was tugging but
      > this was attributed to insanely sharp gusty wind. The gusts would
      > hit like bullets and any kite would have had the same problem. On
      > that day, I was the only one to be able to work the conditions. Sean
      > was out on an 8.4 AB and was being Tea bagged violently, John was out
      > on an 8.5 Freeair (4 line) and also got creamed as was Roland out on
      > a naish 7.5. The 10.0 was bigger than all the other kites in the
      > same conditions and I was able to stay out for quite some time. I
      > attribute this to a great kite with great gusty wind performance. An
      > Arc would have developed too much apparent and would more than likely
      > have been difficult to control the speed.
      > Best winds,

      but i took an 1120 arc out right after it and it felt a LOT smoother... i
      dont know... maybe i had it rigged wrong.

      my wipika 16.4 airblast is delaminating very slightly... wonder if i can get
      a new one...
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