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  • Frank Kubin
    Aug 2 11:00 AM
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      I recently began using a daKine Kalama chest harness. With the slightly
      higher hook I find it easier to use the hook to lift onto the board than
      with the seat where it was better unhooked. Since I haven't yet been doing
      any real jumps I can't speak for its use for that. It's possible the upward
      pull may be too uncomfortable. But for what I've been doing I now prefer the
      chest harness.


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      Just got back from a two weeks kitesurf trip to Leucate (France). Great wind
      and great spots, I was only surprised by me being the only kisturfers in the

      I have a harness problem. I use a seat-harness but is not comfortable and
      after three months using it it is starting to tear apart. Any suggestions
      for a better harness (please tell me brand name and type).

      I have also a tip for Wipika users which might avoid an hour of swimming;
      change the knots on your control bar. The knots on the controlbar won't hold
      Another tip that could avoid swimming is getting a real strong leach (thing
      that attaches the board to your leg). I lots my board for the third time
      already when falling at full speed.

      Our Dutch board shaper is coming up with a webpage. Brunotti sells three
      types of boards, the smallest one is a replica of the board that Flash uses.
      Check out www.brunottiboards.com <http://www.brunottiboards.com> for a


      Mark Tober


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