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3997[ksurf] Re: Proposed kitesurfing rules

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  • Peter A. Traykovski
    Aug 2, 1999
      Ken Winner wrote:

      > From: Hung Vu <hungvu@...
      > > I have set up a new page on my web site to propose a set of kitesurfing
      > > rules to let other water users to know what to do when we are
      > > approaching each other on the water. If we all agree on this set of
      > > rules, we can effectively share the same water space with other
      > > water-crafts and among ourselves.
      > Start with the maritime rules of the road. These apply to all watercraft and
      > should be understood by all watercraft.
      > Bottom line: Except for wave sailing and racing -- special circumstances --
      > the existing maritime rules of the road and every person's sense of
      > self-preservation are all we need.

      Every person's sense of self-preservation may be all we need, but some people
      just don't see an obvious danger. Yesterday while doing a downwinder (the only
      kind of kitesurfing I know how to do!) in buzzards bay, ma (a fairly busy body
      of water) I had a power boat pull in parallel to watch what I was doing and
      where did he pull in...you guessed it about 30m downwind of me right under my
      kite. Since I'm a begginer and not in 100% control at all time I figured as
      long as I am going he will continue to watch and stay there, so I lay down
      backwards and let the kite fly overhead till they lost interest and went away.

      I think rules are good, but because we are such strange craft, and no one reads,
      knows, or obeys the rules anyway, we need to be really, really carefull to
      avoid dangerous situations for ourselves and just as importantly for others.
      This means picking your lauching and landing sites with extreme care and
      avoiding situations on the water.
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