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3996[ksurf] Re: Proposed kitesurfing rules

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  • Hung Vu
    Aug 2, 1999
      > I kitesurf in Miami FL which I is undeniably guarranteed the most
      > heavily boat-trafficked place on the face of the earth, and these
      > people simply DO NOT understand what is going on here! I
      > wonder if their brains just shut down or something when they
      > see me kitesurfing out there. It HAS TO BE YOU that takes
      > responsibility out there on the water and take action to avoid
      > any collisions. Those goo-brained boaters certainly don't
      > know any better than to stand with their jaws gapping open.
      > My 2 cents next time I see another luxury yacht bearing down
      > on me at 25kts!

      I had the same problem kitesurfing on my "tiny" lake. So far I has
      taken all the actions to avoid any collision. However, being on a
      "tiny" lake, the local boaters/windsurfers are more "space conscious",
      more "well trained" and a number of them has asked me whether the
      traditional sailing rules are applicable for kitesurfing and how?

      They want to know the "rules" to be "in control" of the situation.

      I guess they deserve a more "well thought out" answers than just "trust
      me! I will try to avoid you at all cost" or "don't worry! I am the only
      kitesurfer around here".

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