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  • F.ONE
    Aug 1, 1999
      Hey Michel !
      Do you mean the same wave or the same WAVE your model ?
      When you come to Montpellier to visit your French distributor , call me !
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      De : Michel Montmigny <traction@...>
      À : kitesurf@egroups.com <kitesurf@egroups.com>
      Date : dimanche 1 août 1999 15:58
      Objet : [ksurf] Re: A Nice Place to Kitesurf in New England

      I can insure you Raph that my biggest wishes concerning both of us is that very soon we can ride the same WAVE( I'll try to follow you;0))  and have nice talk about it after.
      That is things that will encourage the sport.
      Michel Montminy
      201 bld Tadoussac
      Canton-Tremblay, Qc
      G7H 5A8
      Tél : (418) 545-8368
      Fax : (418) 545-2288
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      De : F.ONE
      Envoyé : 31 juillet, 1999 03:19
      Objet : [ksurf] Re: A Nice Place to Kitesurf in New England

      Hello Michel ,
      I send you a direct E mail yesterday because this not the purpose of the E group , unless someone write something to you directly .
      I would like to precise that you should clealy write what is you concern exactly ?
      Reading between the lines I might understand that the problem is coming from our argument saying that we are the first company to have develop and sell the kite with valves .
      Its for sure not our invention because it was use in paragliding , but its also clear that F.ONE was the first kite maker to adatp it to kitesurfing and to put it on the market in December 98 .
      I used Concept Air in the past and I like it , I also use a lot of other kites , like Wipika also and they are not coming back all the time with the fact that I use their kites ?
      I think that before to produce my own kite I did a lot of promotion for Concept Air and Wipika  by using them around the world . How  many pages of magazines and TV I did  with your kites ??
      Our relations where also good because you where the F.ONE board distributor in Canada .
      Now I have my own design , build the way I want it for kitesurfing and our relations change a lot !
      I don't understand why you always coming back after me , our companies are totaly different :
      You are producing and designing your kite yourself in your sail loft since many years , your kites are more like a custom production really close to your customers .You have in all France only one dealer.
      I'm working with a paragliding designer that is equip with a computer program , the prototypes are made by a French factory according to the computer design . The production kites are made outside France by a paragliding factory . Our distribution is made worlwide by distributors that are working with dealers.
      There is nothing bad in our two differents organisation ?
      They are differents on all these points but something that we have in comon is that we are both actively practicing our sport at a  high level !
      We love to work into the sport that is our passion , we love to create new products that will give us more pleasure on the water or snow . Our customers can feel all this when they touch our kites !
      And we are lucky that we are abble to live from it !
      I respect your work and your way of going .
      We are small fish that open a new incredible sport and market but there is some  big sharks looking at it now . Be carefull that we are not trying to eat each other before they eat us !
      I realy hope that our relations goes a nicer way in the future , maybe we should talk directly more offen?
      Sorry for all of your guys from the  E group .
      Raphaël Salles
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      De : Michel Montmigny <traction@...>
      À : kitesurf@egroups.com <kitesurf@egroups.com>
      Date : vendredi 30 juillet 1999 16:54
      Objet : [ksurf] Re: A Nice Place to Kitesurf in New England

      Hello everybody,
      About whales, I had so much emotions 2 day ago on the Saguenay Fjord.
      This is a 100 km Fjord and I leave just in face of. We have 19 feet tide and salt & cold water from St-Lawrence river come up here at high tide.
      I was kitesurfing with 9.0 WAVE in 8 knots and I had big fun to cruise with Belugas(small 15 foot white whales), about 40 of them not too far from me.
      Last time I had experience like it, it was in 1983 during a funboard session and also one time kayaking.
      I hope it happen to you one day, it's a great moment.
      This morning I MUST whrite something that for few of you will sound strange, maybe long or boring. But for me it's very important to make a point on few things!
      Since we are in the TRACTION kites business, 1991 we have worked a lot and developp a lot of new kites. We do our best to put very nice and efficient kites on the market. We are there because it's our passion and we love what we are doing.
      Our products are certainly not so bad if you look at those results:
      97 World Ice & Snow Sailing Champion in Course racing(myself) and long distance(my business partner Ben Tremblay) with the EX range, and that overall.
      97  French buggy title(France) Laurent Ness  came first with the EX range
      98  3 nd in French buggy Championship with Michel Paul
      99 2 nd  in French buggy Championship with Michel Paul
      99 World Ice and sailing Champion , course racing, long distances,
      1st, 2nd,3nd EX'S TRACTION 
      99 Laurent Ness did very well with our WAVE kites in kitesurfing competition and the best will come soon.  
      We developp our products in our particular Canadian conditions(3 feet of ice during winter) and they are a lot tested all around the world.
      Then we are really close from what peoples think about our kites and wich changes or ameliorations that we could bring.
      We do have our idea about life as any kite makers do and for sure we are not perfect but we work hard to reach high quality level.
      Why I am breaking your ears with our personnal story today is that since a while, I shout my mouth on very bad and untrue things that few kites makers spread around.
      Did somebody eard Concept Air say something very bad about one or other kites on that planet???
      I dont think so.
      We only take care about our business and it's enough work.
      I eard that aparently we CONCEPT AIR copyed F-ONE kites...
      Let me have a big smile about it, because not too much people know that, but in fall 97 Ben and me we spend 2 weeks in France as kite makers and manufacturers talking about kitesurf and kites with Laurent Ness and Raphael Salles.(I have videos and nice pictures of it)
      At that time Raphael was looking to find a kitemakers to make business with.
      I dont need to tell that during those 2 weeks, we had few brainstorming about wich development could be the best for having nice kites for kitesurfing.
      So to make it shorter, let me ask you wich is the "inventor" ;0) of the TRACTION kites with flap and net on the leading edge????????????????
      I have seen it for the first time on my paraglider , long time ago.
      And from an other hand, I will ask from a very polite way to others that have nothing else  to say or do , to stop saying stupid things about Concept Air kites.
      If there is need I will give name.
      Why even if we are in some business competition could we not having a fair and honest attitude between manufacturers?
      This is my best wish!!!
      To all of you , sorry if I took so much space on the list this morning.
      Have very nice and fly safe.
      Michel Montminy
      201 bld Tadoussac
      Canton-Tremblay, Qc
      G7H 5A8
      Tél : (418) 545-8368
      Fax : (418) 545-2288
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      Envoyé : 28 juillet, 1999 22:20
      Objet : [ksurf] Re: A Nice Place to Kitesurf in New England

      Nice to have a beach full of whales rather than people 
      investigating your setup on SouthBeach when kitesurfing!
      On Tue, 27 Jul 1999 22:03:08 -0400 Susan M Simmons <susanal1@...>
      >For those of you near Cape Cod:
      >The very tip of Cape Cod (above Provincetown) has a nice beach for
      >kitesurfing, especially if you also have 4 wheel drive. The beach area
      >near Race Point is fairly wide and it is federal land. If you don't 
      >4 wheel drive, you can park (for a nominal fee) in the paved parking 
      >and walk upwind of the public beach to launch where there are very few
      >people. The whales sometimes come to within a quarter to half mile of
      >the beach, so you'll want to be careful to avoid being just downwind 
      >the stinky, fishy whale breath!
      >Susan in Ct.
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