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3986[ksurf] Re: Proposed kitesurfing rules

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  • Hung Vu
    Aug 1, 1999
      > I don't believe the maritime rules say anything about two boat lengths, and
      > the yacht racing rules use two boat lengths only with repect to gaining
      > rights when rounding a mark of the course. In other words, ditch reference
      > to two boat lengths.

      Thanks for the reminder Ken. I agree that the two hull length is only
      used in yatch racing; however, they are used more often than in just
      when rounding a mark of the course. In any cases, I think two hull
      length is a good distance to keep clear of the other boat.

      > The rules should not codify permissiveness regarding flying a kite over
      > another craft (ie., all that talk about flying different heights above
      > various craft). It should be understood that flying a kite over someone is
      > dangerous and that if your kite hits a right-of-way craft, you are at fault.

      I think this is easy for a kitesurfer to understand; however, it is VERY
      HARD to for non-kitesurfers to understand that they have to keep clear
      of a "kitesurfing vessel" of 50 m in width.

      > The first and third of your "common sense rules" can be found in the
      > maritime rules. The second is, I think, a mistake. We don't want novices to
      > get the idea it's the responsibility of others to keep clear (though, of
      > course, others will, as per rule number one). It's the resposibility of the
      > novice to do his learning where he won't bother others.

      I put it there on purpose because I have seen an experienced boater
      injured (almost killed) an inexperienced one because he THINKED he had
      the right of way.

      > The wave rules look abreviated but fine as far as they go. More clarity on
      > wave ownership may be called for.

      Ken, How would we clarify this?

      > Keep in mind that virtually no recreational kiteboarder will read, much less
      > learn, the rules if they number more than about two or three. At that number
      > maybe a third of kiteboarders will learn them.
      > Bottom line: Except for wave sailing and racing -- special circumstances --
      > the existing maritime rules of the road and every person's sense of
      > self-preservation are all we need.

      The problem is with non-kitesurfers. They DO NOT know how to deal with

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