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3985[ksurf] Re: Proposed kitesurfing rules

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  • Ken Winner
    Aug 1 9:02 PM
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      From: Hung Vu <hungvu@...
      > I have set up a new page on my web site to propose a set of kitesurfing
      > rules to let other water users to know what to do when we are
      > approaching each other on the water. If we all agree on this set of
      > rules, we can effectively share the same water space with other
      > water-crafts and among ourselves.

      Start with the maritime rules of the road. These apply to all watercraft and
      should be understood by all watercraft.

      I don't believe the maritime rules say anything about two boat lengths, and
      the yacht racing rules use two boat lengths only with repect to gaining
      rights when rounding a mark of the course. In other words, ditch reference
      to two boat lengths.

      The rules should not codify permissiveness regarding flying a kite over
      another craft (ie., all that talk about flying different heights above
      various craft). It should be understood that flying a kite over someone is
      dangerous and that if your kite hits a right-of-way craft, you are at fault.

      The first and third of your "common sense rules" can be found in the
      maritime rules. The second is, I think, a mistake. We don't want novices to
      get the idea it's the responsibility of others to keep clear (though, of
      course, others will, as per rule number one). It's the resposibility of the
      novice to do his learning where he won't bother others.

      The yacht racing rules apply only to sailing craft engaged in a race. They
      are generally not applicable to craft that are not racing. Anyway, isn't it
      best best to leave racing rules up to the racers?

      The wave rules look abreviated but fine as far as they go. More clarity on
      wave ownership may be called for.

      Keep in mind that virtually no recreational kiteboarder will read, much less
      learn, the rules if they number more than about two or three. At that number
      maybe a third of kiteboarders will learn them.

      Bottom line: Except for wave sailing and racing -- special circumstances --
      the existing maritime rules of the road and every person's sense of
      self-preservation are all we need.

      Ken Winner
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