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3977[ksurf] Re: Honolulu Star-Bulletin kite surfing article

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  • rick@nuttingengineers.com
    Aug 1, 1999
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      Hung Vu wrote:
      > >
      > > An article & great picture of Robbie Naish getting some air...
      > http://starbulletin.com/1999/07/27/features/story3.html
      > Bob
      > >
      > I had a look at the article and both flattered and disappointed at the
      > same time. The editor had obviously read my site and even used some of
      > the original phrases or sentences (with very minor modifications) such
      > as:

      Hello Hung,

      I hear you on the 10 knot and whitecap kitesurfing guideline. They seem
      to have had a big typo in that one, otherwise nobody would be
      kitesurfing in parts of Hawaii. They have had very strong trade winds
      out there these days. Last week in Maui the winds were typically 20-30
      mph with one day ranging from 30-45 mph along certain parts of the North
      Coast. On any given day I would guess that 30 folks would be out
      kitesurfing at various times between Sprecks and Kahana Beach. It is
      interesting that once I gave up trying to use a 5.0 m Wipika for all but
      the lighter wind range that things started to come together and became
      enjoyable. Prior to that time I thought that I had forgotten how to
      kitesurf! The 3.5 m (actually 3.0 m ?) and new 4.0 m Wipikas worked
      pretty well up to about 40 mph. I had a tendency to get launched (170#),
      in the 40 mph+ gusts even with the 3.5 m!

      The have some incredible riders off Sprecks most afternoons with
      inflatables and a few soft foil kites, jumping like crazy and staying
      upwind for the entire session. About half are on wakeboards and the
      rest on kitesurfing boards. Aside from beach launching and jibing
      techniques the performance of the two board types seemed similar. I
      suspect that the similar performance had more to do with the high skill
      levels of Flash Austin , Don Montague, Rush Randle, Chris Gilbert and
      many others as opposed to the type of board. I used both types of boards
      and generally ended up well down wind between dealing with gusts and
      dodging reefs. There are quite a few Naish and Wipika kites in use. I
      suspect the Naish kites belong to team riders and associates as they are
      still not shipped for purchase on the island. I am not sure why more
      soft foils were not in use as they seem to be gaining favor quickly in
      other parts of the world.

      High wind kitesurfing provides quite a constrast to the light Florida
      winds that we have had this summer so far. I get excited when we have
      sustained 13 mph+ winds in Florida and can go out and power up with a
      soft foil. In these conditions my Wipika 8.5 m stays in the closet and
      the F one 6.5 m goes out on the water.

      Good winds!
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