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385[ksurf] Harness - waist or chest ?

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  • Paal Castberg
    Oct 1, 1998
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      Last time I was kiting I tried out using a harness to take the force from the kite. It was a great relief for my arms and will be perfect for kiteskiing this winter. I used a windsurfing chest harness which worked fine at the time, but I haven't yet tried it for kiteskiing/-surfing.
      Do any of you have any preferences from your experience in kitesurfing/ -skiing whether it is better with waist or chest harness?
      Emergency release
      A friend of mine, who is also a kiteflyer, developed a release system which seemed to work just fine. There must be a number of solutions to the problem of releasing from the kite. I was therefore wondering how do most people solve this.
      Do you buy commercial solutions, have you made your own release system, are there any descriptions of this on the Net?
      Appreciate all help and hints to a solution!

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