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38359Re: [ksurf] Re: Arc and Quadrifoil bar

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  • Mel
    Sep 5, 2001
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      <thorpes@...> wrote:

      > I definitely HAVE
      > used the leash shackle a couple of times ... A second time when I
      > started getting tea-bagged in suddenly overpowered conditions - in
      > about 1 ft of water! After two lucky landings I decided that pulling
      > leash shackle was a good idea.

      Once again, better to hover low (away from land in this case!), then you
      just get dragged instead of lifted. I launch inflatables in thigh deep
      water, & if I get lifted I fly the kite out, so I land planing on the water,
      instead of a hard surface (like shallow water).

      > As far as the total release shackle ...
      > getting completely tangled in someone elses kite ...

      Oh yeah! Thanks. I hadn't thought about that in a while, even though I try
      to remember to use that as an example of why to use a leash (for those who
      think they don't need it just because THEY have good skills).

      > if you don't ride permenaently
      > attached to the kite you don't need a total-release shackle.

      I guess, but in order to be equally safe, you'd still need a trim loop

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