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38266Re: Sled/foil works!

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  • james@calaba.com
    Sep 5, 2001

      Interested to hear your sled/foil ideas. I have several foils with
      no sheeting ability and am happy to experiment on how to give them
      greater range.

      You mentioned that you duplicated the primary bridles at the
      wingtips. Why didn't you use the existing tip bridles?

      If you pull in on the sled control center line, how much load is put
      on the tip bridles? Do they need special reinforcement?

      When the tips are pulled in using a central line, do the original
      bridle lines to the tips become slack? If so, how is it possible to
      steer the kite?

      Does the center line tie direct to the tip v-lines, or do they form a
      loop and the center line attach using a pulley?

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