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38187Re: [ksurf] Re: Arc and Quadrifoil bar

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  • Roland Andrag
    Sep 4, 2001
      > seems to me that the most sensible thing is not to ride upwind of barbed
      > !! doesnt matter if you have a shackle or not !

      I agree fully with that statement. Basically I was making it back to the
      landing area in a fading wind, and had lost a lot of ground on the way in,
      hence did not have the 200 m buffer normally kept. I had the choice of
      stopping before the fence or after, and wrongly decided to push on past it
      (since I was going well and it was the home stretch of 30 m), very dumb.
      Gust hits, edge goes, water spraying everywhere, did not know where the
      fence was until I had stopped, having pulled the leash shackle. Was glad I
      had the shackle. Also shackle played no role in my deciding to pass the
      fence (although if I didn't have a shackle I would probably have unhooked
      from the chicken loop, since I was fully aware I was doing something

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