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38184Re: [ksurf] Re: Arc and Quadrifoil bar

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  • Stefano Rosso
    Sep 4, 2001
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      > > I got some friends that are getting shackle happy but in all
      > > my kitemares i get lifted, thrashed so damn bad that my ONLY
      > > reaction is to hang onto the bar...
      > My comment ( and I though Mel's too) was refering to the total kite-
      > release snap shackle - not the "leash" shackle.

      Me too !

      > I definitely HAVE
      > used the leash shackle a couple of times - before I'd "mastered" the
      > downwind launch on my Arcs I used it one when I started getting
      > dragged dangerously close to a rock levee. A second time when I
      > started getting tea-bagged in suddenly overpowered conditions - in
      > about 1 ft of water! After two lucky landings I decided that pulling
      > leash shackle was a good idea.
      > As far as the total release shackle is concerned - yes I know that
      > kind of emergency is rare--crashing on to a car passing in a parking
      > lot (seen it happen) getting completely tangled in someone elses kite
      > which then takes off at full power- removing your steering AND leash
      > options in one go (seen it happen) but for a $20 shackle why take the
      > risk of being permanently and irreversibly attached to the kite?

      I agree totally... but i have some friends that are getting too confident
      because they now have shackles (leash, loop whatever)

      seems to me that the most sensible thing is not to ride upwind of barbed wire
      !! doesnt matter if you have a shackle or not !
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