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38052Re: [ksurf] Flap Or Zip ( Arc)

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  • Mel
    Sep 1, 2001
      <bnow@...> wrote:

      > Mel
      > I don't know what you thought I meant, but when you said "I wonder
      > about Velcro on the very END of the flap (where you first start
      > rolling"; that is indeed the idea I was trying to express.

      With the flap extended outside the kite for deflation, you could put Velcro
      at the rearmost part where you start rolling, &/or at the foremost part,
      level with the TE.

      AND <sjybhunter@...> wrote:

      > Just got the 1120 wedged, not enough wind today to try it out it will
      > be interesting to see how it goes up against the 14.9 RRD
      How did the stock 1120 compare?

      Please let us know your wedged results also.

      > as they
      > have similar projected areas.

      I've just uploaded the latest area spreadsheet, including projected areas &
      corrected flat spans for wedged ARCs (with or without one or three center
      cells removed also).

      1120 (8.0 proj) wedged 12cm. is 1107 (7.9 proj.).
      14.9 is about 8.4 proj.

      At 6% smaller, I think the 1107 will have less low end, since the 630 has
      less than a 7.5 Naish which is only 4% bigger, & wedging shouldn't improve
      low end much. I'm really curious about the top end though.

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