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38050Re: [ksurf] At least some discussion on flight characteristics.

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  • Marc Munzer
    Sep 1, 2001
      >So that guy I mentioned earlier, (the one that's sponsored) he said
      >something that I really dug. He said that all of the kites are
      >constructed so similarly that most of the problems people are having
      >are pilot error.

      I fully agree with this. But I still think that sponsorship is important.
      Pretend that you are a beginner and are having problems getting on the
      board. You can either blame yourself or your equipment. If you are riding a
      Naish kite its hard to blame your equipment because you know that some of
      the best riders in the world are using the same equipment and are rocking
      with it. If you are riding a new kite which is not so well known, you will
      be more likely to blame the kite.

      Also, I am pretty sure that most people are very influenced by advertising
      and sponsorship results. If you are stuggling to get jumping, and you read
      that the top 3 riders in the world are all riding XX kite, then you might
      be tempted to switch. If you do end up switching, you will just find out
      that there is no difference between your old kite and your new kite. But
      you will have still bought a new kite.