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38043Re: [ksurf] Flap Or Zip ( Arc)-blow out

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  • sjybhunter@westnet.com.au
    Sep 1, 2001
      I have just put a piece of velco straping in the trailing edge to
      hold in the middle of the flap on the back of my 1120. Hopfully in a
      big crash it will blow out either end and hold the midlle in so as
      not to release all the pressure. the bum blow out has only happened
      a couple of times in the 9 months I have had the kite.

      Just got the 1120 wedged, not enough wind today to try it out it will
      be interesting to see how it goes up against the 14.9 RRD as they
      have simular projected areas. I also picked up a 460 arc today for
      my wife(honest its for you honey) couldnt help it it was just there
      in the shop whispering shane buy me buy me and i will take you to the
      moon. We flew it in the park in 6-8 knots man does it generate some
      pull when you crank it around and build that apparent wind.

      I will let ya know how the velcro thing works out.

      cheers shane
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