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  • David Raue
    Sep 29, 1998
      Sounds like you're a windsurfer! It's a sport I have absolutely no
      experience with, but obviously good prep for kitesurfing. Anyway, I agree
      with your assessment of shallow water. I sure wouldn't want to get stuck
      too far out. Struggling with all the gear get's exhausting FAST. Wear a
      life jacket.

      As for bodydragging, I could get roughly 30 or 40 degrees off downwind.
      Offwind slows down a lot though. Pulling the kite through the power zone
      can literally get you whole body planing on the surface of the water as if
      you're being pulled by a boat. You can also get slammed on the water
      pretty hard. Wear a heavy wetsuit and maybe goggles too. But now I'm done
      with kites for the fall. It's rock climbing time. Kites will come back
      out when the lakes freeze up in Vt and NH in a few months. . . .

      Let me know how Hatteras sound goes.


      > From: SUSAN SIMMONS <SUSANAL@...>
      > To: *Kitesurfers <kitesurf@egroups.com>
      > Subject: [ksurf] Re: Mail System Error - Returned Mail
      > Date: Monday, September 28, 1998 8:52 PM
      > > Dave Raue,
      > > Thanks for your message. Al and I still haven't gotten on a board with
      > > our Wipika. I wish we'd taken it to Florida this past week. We did
      > > shortboarding on rental windsurfing gear at Merritt Island (Tinho
      > > Dornellas' new place at Kelly Park). The wind was enough for at least
      > > bodydragging and maybe I could have gotten up on the board with the
      > > Wipika 5.0M2 kite. (I used a 5.5m2 windsurfing sail so I was thinking
      > > 5.0M2 Wipika would be about comparable.
      > > We've sailed on the coast of Ct. in years past, but a lot of it was
      > > longboarding in the Fisher's Island sound, but we have shortboarded at
      > > Barne Island so that is a possibility for kitesurfing. Also, we have
      > > shortboarded at Hammonassett State Park so that is a possibility also
      > > (and not as far from you).
      > > Al and I think the sound down at Hatteras is a near perfect place to do
      > > Kitesurfing. We may try it down there one weekend in Oct. or Nov. Tripp
      > > Forman (F2 and North Sails rep) and Ty Luckett (Fox Watersports,
      > > formerly of Windsurfing Hatteras) were doing it down there this past
      > > spring. I think they took off in a southeaster from Frisco Woods
      > > Campground and did a downwinder to Canadian Hole. I spoke with Tripp
      > > just briefly at the American Windsurfing Industries Show in Orlando
      > > past weekend. He told me when he first tried it he used a Zantos
      > > shortboard and just put a foot strap in the mast track---he suggested I
      > > try something like that at first. It's so floaty that when the wind
      > > drops you are just kind of standing still on the board. The Hatteras
      > > sound is so big and wide and yet shallow so I think it has a lot to
      > > offer. (I worry about something happening when I'm out on the water and
      > > having to swim a LONG way back to shore, or against currents, etc.)
      > > We may also try Bantam lake which is about 30 minutes from our house in
      > > Bristol. Even the little lake we live on may offer an opportunity, but
      > > the wind is very flukey on it and generally light, so we'll see.
      > > Can you tell me in your body dragging, how many degrees left and right
      > > off of dead downwind were you able to go? Did you get any practice this
      > > past weekend?
      > > Susan Simmons in Bristol, Ct.
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