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32238Re: [ksurf] Light wind...monstah board !

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  • Greg Walsh
    Jun 3, 2001
      My 2 cents worth. I think big boards are fine for cruising about and
      maybe using the kite for catching the odd wave. If the wind is so
      light you need to get out on a big board then you're going to be
      underpowered and jumping is not really going to be a serious issue.
      So you don't need any foot straps unless you're in waves. It's hard
      to keep your feet against the board while you water start if the
      waves are constantly knoccking you about. Not a problem in flat water.

      If you're powered up enough to juump and stuff then you're powered up
      enough to use a normal, relatively short kiteboard.

      On my 8'10" longboard I just put on a decent coat of wax, jump on and
      go. Edging is dead easy because you just stand right on the rail. You
      need to be able to move your feet around a bit because during lulls
      you want to get you weight back over the middle of the board and the
      easiest way to do this is to walk. Think longboard surfing. I'm
      always walking back and forth on the board to trim it properly and
      milk the power out of tiny waves. The same thing happens when using a

      You also have to be wary of gusts. It's easy to be moving your weight
      forward trying to keep planing and then a gust or ctaching the nose
      on some chop takes you straight over the nose. It's not hard to get
      going again but half the fun of longboard kitesurfing is the self-
      awarded style points for being out there with any old crap board and
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