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32144Re: [ksurf] Light wind...monstah board !

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  • Stefano Rosso
    Jun 1, 2001
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      > <<Good luck with your board project Stefano. You may start a new fad, monster
      > long boards for light winds!

      he he he... its like all sports ... we started with big boards (remember
      the FONEĀ“s ? 215 and 230) we used to think a 215 was for high winds...
      then we now ride 1.4 m wakeboards... then we go back to longboards !
      except that like all other product cycles in kitesurfing this is much
      quicker... we went forth and back in 2 years !

      > Lou Wainman used to go out on his longboard on light days about 18 months ago, looked like a lot of fun!

      I have been riding longboards and funboards a lot on light days... very
      technical and better than just flying your kite on the beach... you can
      actually get some good wave riding done (long board style) with a kite
      if the wind direction is right... jumps were tough because i didnt have
      any straps... thats why i want to make a special kitelongboard...

      I just bought a foam block (8"10) today and will shape it tomorrow...
      then have it glassed... maybe 4 thruster type fins (2 on each rail!)
      flat rocker... dome deck to have volume yet thin rails...

      ill send pictures when its done...
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