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32117Re: Little cut on the tube of my inflatable

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  • kitemanic@yahoo.co.uk
    Jun 1, 2001
      Haha funny when you think about the first batches of kites, my first
      kite was a naish ar3.5 5m kite (still got it today, good nick too!)
      and it came with a 32inch bar!!

      > Ahh those were the days, cutting up your bag to fix your
      >kite 'cause there was no one to teach you how to not damage your
      >kite. I remember one of my runs from The canoe hale at Lower Kanaha
      >all the way to the treatment plant (quite a way) with nothing
      >more .than my knees getting wet I was so powered up, ahh... so
      >that's why there's no one out today...a bit windy hey, ok...mental
      >note taken, next...
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