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32113Re: [ksurf] Safety line

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  • Mel
    May 31, 2001
      Stephen McCormack <kitepower@...> wrote:

      > One great mod is to use the ring/ball and stopper - sliding bar up one
      > system. You need to install double front leaders...

      Not if you use Q-Power line. Take a look at the latest "Version 2" MelMods
      photos under "Mel's Stuff" in the files.

      > ...now your safety leash is
      > much shorter and it should be attached to your harness spreader bar after
      > passing through you smart loop and harness line if you have one.

      Or you can pass it beside the harness lines, to the side of your harness, or
      pass it over the bar, or better yet eliminate it completely by letting the
      adjustment strap double as a leash (see MelMods Version 2).

      > This set-up
      > also allows for much shorter leaders than the Airblasts.

      But not as short as....

      By the way, front line leashes work for any sled, including ARCs. Maybe I
      should note that on my photos.

      AND Greg Walsh <gregwal@...> wrote:

      > Why do you need double front leaders? Why not have one short leader
      > with both front lines coming to the ring then the leash to your
      > harness from one of the front lines?

      You've just described the way mine's set up. Check out the photos. You may
      want to read the recent related posts ("MelModsII" I think) which describe
      my previous system which works fine but still requires a leash.

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