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30260Re: [ksurf] Re: Reel bars and launching Big kites

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  • Mel
    May 1, 2001
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      <mdelliott@...> wrote:

      > Mel, do you use your reel? I would think you wouldnt bother with
      > your sand beaches(assuming) and experience, at the cost of sheeting
      > range.

      I don't use it. When I bought it I didn't realize reeling in requires
      flying the kite overhead, which is impossible here, due to the gustiness
      (yes, it is SO gusty it is actually impossible). I'd planned to build a
      sheeting system (& I have an idea I'm pretty sure would work) but now
      there's no point. My main goal was to be able to shorten the lines for
      quicker kite handling, while still being able to let them back out again
      when the wind drops, to regain low end range. Landing solo* IS a real pain
      here, because it's so gusty, but I've become pretty good at landing nose
      down in front of a bit of white water.
      *the broad wind range AND lower riding effort of MelMods with bungie harness
      lines means everybody else is nearly always long gone by the time I'm

      > Did you get your big blue floaty looking things with that last
      > mod? Was
      > pleased to hear they were providing free.

      I did not get them.

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