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30188Arc Bar with Pulleys for Faster Turning

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  • kitesurftech@hawaii.rr.com
    Apr 30, 2001
      A friend of mine who works for a kite shop came up with this bar for
      the ARC:


      He started flying traction and all sorts of other kites way before
      kitesurfing ever existed.

      The bar does make the 840 and 1120 turn much better and you still
      have the sheeting action and ability to put the ring release on. For
      the pulleys he manufactured and mounted a custom delrin setup but I'm
      sure you can find something in a sailboat shop. He also mounted the
      pulleys at the chicken loop dead center on top and bottom instead of
      side by side as shown.

      Another friend of mine manufactured an Advance IO bar copy and tied
      off the front lines near the knuckles (no sheeting) with good
      results. What he now plans to do is modify the bar similar to the
      picture but running the front lines to pulleys mounted INSIDE the bar
      in a similar setup to the picture.

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