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28586Tip flares and leach line (was sheetable handles)

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  • Dave
    Apr 1, 2001
      Hi Lach,

      Sound like you have been having as much wind as Auckland recently, a few of
      the crew are going a little crazy over here with the lack of good wind.

      I had recently talked to Chris at PL about the tip flares, but he has yet to
      send me the details, I'd assume thats where you got you sizing from?

      Have you tried the flares on a bar setup yet? Chris was saying you get more
      load on the brake lines which gives you a better feel of what the kite is

      I've recently moved away from my set and forget type bar and made up a
      chicken loop sheetable set up. I find that once I'm in the loop I lose all
      feel of what the kite is doing. I'm hoping to try out these flares to see if
      I get this back + the increased steering response.

      Also what is a leach line - is that the line I have seen on the PL
      prototypes connected between the front line connection points? If so what is
      the advantage of it? I would think you would not be able to depower the kite
      completely on a leash with one of those lines attached.


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      > heres a blast from the past.I set up a mates arc with the flares and
      > leach line the other day and tested it on his handles to see what it
      > was like .The flares give a whole new meaning to using sheetable
      > handles.The winds have been pretty light here but I did notice better
      > performance in the lighter winds plus tricks were pretty easy .the
      > different spin point makes a difference .Not being able to spin the
      > twists out of the bar was a bit of a hassle but encouraged more
      > forward manouvers to untwist the lines.I haven't had a chance to use
      > sheetable handles on an inflatable yet but would be interested to
      > hear if anyone has
      > Lach
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