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28556Re: [ksurf] Board plans (was Peel Ply is more fun than xmas!)

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  • Dave
    Apr 1, 2001
      That great Rainer - better to keep all this info in one place.

      Rainers site is:-


      They are under link 'more board plans'

      For those people that were looking at a Flash TT, Rainer's design is almost
      the same as what I am currently building. The funny thing is I started mine
      before Rainers design was up on the web - it is said great minds think

      While your at Rainers sites check out his past projects, they were what
      motivated me to have a go at making my own boards. I have used many of use
      techniques, modified to take into account materials etc avaliable in my part
      of the world.

      As for the Vulcan rocker, from what I seen of them they are dead flat thru
      the centre. with a progessive rocker in the tips with quite a kick in the
      last 10cm or so.

      My 142 Fulltilt wake board is has a three stage rocker, the centre 400mm is
      just that - dead flat.

      Also with the way I've got my adjustable rocker board setup producing this
      rocker is much easier than putting say 1cm thru the centre. I don't know if
      there would be any advatage in a slight progession thru the centre section,
      dead flat seem to work.


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