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28504Gusty Wind Miracle Fix

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  • Dwight & Jacky
    Mar 30, 2001
      Today I tried the NSI bungee chicken loop designed by Ken Winner. My first
      session on it was horrible. I could not hook into the bungee and when I did,
      I found myself still pulling on the bar to keep the power up, which made the
      bungee loop keep falling out of my harness hook.

      On my second session I removed the fabric covering they put on the bungee
      loop. I tightened up the bungee a lot by moving the knot. This next session
      was like magic. I could not believe how fantastic this NSI contraption was
      working. The wind magically felt steady. It didn't matter how strong the
      gust, I just relaxed and kept on cruising. I never once had to work hard to
      hold my edge. It was like cheating, it was so easy riding. Removing the
      fabric that comes wrapped around the bungee line made it real easy to swing
      the line into my hook. With the fabric, the line would just hit the chicken
      loop and bounce out of the hook. With the bungee tightened up it stopped the
      premature depowering. The kite only depowered when a real strong gust hit.

      I think this thing would be incredible for all beginners. They would never
      get pulled of their edge or get dragged downwind. I think it's great for me
      too. This thing has just blown me away. I now believe I may finally enjoy
      some of those high wind gusty as shit days I was starting to hate.

      It needs a big hook on the bar. My Pro Limit stainless steel harness bar
      fits it well, the Dakine aluminum bar has too small a hook.

      http://www.northshoreinc.com/Kite%20Accessories.html You can see it here.

      I think this thing is standard on North Kites. Ken Winner you're a genius!

      From the Fisher's Fort
      Kure Beach, NC
      Dwight & Jacky

      http://www.angelfire.com/nc/capefearwindsurfing/ (includes kitesurfing)
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