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27157Re: ARC 840?

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  • kitesurfer@bigpond.com
    Mar 5, 2001
      Hello Roy

      I guess it all comes down to what you think you like the best,
      everyone can say this and that, but its what you like the look of
      really. I learnt with a cquad(a lot of swimming and towing because i
      could not afford a Naish or Wipika, thats the only inflatables when i
      learnt really). I have just started a business in Warrnambool
      Australia, Windy Waves, and i am dealing from home, hence no
      overheads. I think my prices are very very good, so let us know what
      you are after and i shall give you a price, but i think the Arcs are
      great value for money, i have just oredered the 460 and 840 myslf.
      I also have 2 Prodesigns, 4 and 7m Foils. A 2.2, 4.2, 6.3, 8.5 and
      are thinking of an 12.5 Cquad, i like these kites obviously, i also
      have 2 Cabrinhas on their way, April 1st hopefully. Anyway reply to
      me and i shall see what price i can give you, unbeatable i think.
      Darren Pearce
      Windy Waves

      --- In kitesurf@y..., "Roy Payne" <roy.payne=kite@b...> wrote:
      > Help starting out - What to buy? - ARC?
      > Directional board (still deciding brand/size), 10-15kts average -
      some days
      > more. Would a ARC 840 be a good choice or the 1120? The cost of
      > inflatables put me off these even though they may be better for
      learning on.
      > If the 1120 is preferred for this wind will it be possible to learn
      > I cannot find much information on 'real' wind/weight performance
      for these
      > kites - can anyone provide some feedback here?
      > I was considering converting one of my old wave boards to learn on
      > initially - I realise it would be too big & heavy to jump - has
      anyone else
      > used old boards? (8'6 pintail - no I don't have a surfboard to
      convert). I
      > thought this may enable me to get the basics on the wave board and
      > purchase a more advanced & smaller directional or twin tip.
      > Years of windsurf & some stunt kite experience.
      > NB I weigh ~ 75kg.
      > Thanks
      > Roy
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