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2709[ksurf] Re: Very light wind kite

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  • Ronald Kittag
    Jun 1, 1999
      Hi Raul!

      I disagree with you:

      > We also tried to fly a 6.3 C Quad in 10mph and it does not fly period!
      > It would jump in the air then plummet like a rock. Any attempt to alter
      > the bridle to make it fly made it fly even less! My opinion is that this
      > kite doesn't work for kitesurfing.

      When I said I had problems with the kite it was in verry lite winds. It just
      needs more than 10 knots -at least for my weight (83kg) and skill-level
      (beginner)- than it flies perfecly creating an enormous, steady pull. I had my
      best rides on a C-Quad because I didn´t have to work the kite. I could park it in
      the 2 o´clock position and concentrate on my board.
      C-Quads do work for kitesurfing!




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